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InThe Shade of Lilies

InThe Shade of Lilies


In the Shade of Lilies was inspired by thoughts on a hot summer's day of the cool stillness of a deep pond. Maybe, in the green shade of the lilies covering the surface, its fishy inhabitants were going serenely about their business, unheeding of the heat and drought above.


Calming and meditative, this painting was created with multiple layers of translucent glazes to create the luminousity of the water. Texture on some of the fish and water plants adds surface interest.


Acrylic painting on standard (12 mm deep) stretched canvas.


42 x 59.5 cm


Unframed with painted sides (black)


Supplied with D-rings and cord, ready to hang, or suitable for framing if required.

(I'd recommend this if you intend to hang it somewhere steamy, such as a bathroom! The front is sealed with several layers of acrylic binder and UV protective varnish, so it doesn't need to be behind glass).

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