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Bespoke Murals on Canvas, Boards & Furniture

Just like a traditional mural painted directly onto a wall, these are completely bespoke and designed specifically for the space.

The difference is they are painted in my studio and then hung or mounted in situ. This has the twin benefits to you of reduced costs and less disruption.

Boards and canvas have the added benefit of being moveable if required.

Shipping can be arranged within the UK.

Click on any of the images on this page for more details

Painted panel with mermaids and kelpie by Deborah Plaskett
Trompe L'Oeil Panels

Add faux architectural details with trompe l'oeil stone panels, plaques and mouldings.

Trompe l'oeil techniques combined with paint finishes such as faux stone, woodgrain and marble give convincing 3-D effects that mimic carvings, panelling and architrave to add a bit of fun, interest and individuality to featureless walls.

These stone-effect 'reliefs' are on smooth MDF and wood panels. 

Trompe l'oeil stone relief panel showing Artemis the huntress with hounds and stag by Deborah Plaskett
Green Man trompe l'oeil stone panel by artist Deborah Plaskett
Trompe L'Oeil Windows,
Archways and Niches

More trompe l'oeil style murals that can visually alter the proportions of a space.

Openings and niches help to widen out a narrow areas and add the illusion of openness and light to windowless rooms.

Plus there's so much scope to introduce views of favourite places or fantasy worlds.

Square and rectangular paintings can be framed with architrave to further enhance the illusion, or I can include a trompe l'oeil moulding and/or sill in the painting itself.

Trompe l'oeil skylight painting with birds and clouds by artist Deborah Plaskett
Vase in Niche Trompe L'Oeil.jpg
Open window trompe l'oeil painting by Deborah Plaskett
Trompe l'oeil window with sunset over the sea and beach combings on the sill by Deborah Plaskett
Painted Furniture

Doors and screens make excellent surfaces for a bit of imaginative artwork!

They can be delivered to my studio for painting, then re-hung once finished.

Chinoiserie style hand painted wardrobes by artist Deborah Plaskett
Painted cupboard with trompe l'oeil shelves and decorative objects by artist Deborah Plaskett
The Commission Process

The first step is to contact me to arrange an informal chat about your requirements, by phone or video call. There's no charge, and absolutely no obligation at this stage!

If the painting is to fit a specific area - e.g. a wall with doors and/or windows that the design will need to fit around - then photos and measurements will be helpful at this stage. The same goes for furniture. For a regular shaped painting on a panel, I just need an idea of size.


Every project is priced individually, as there are so many factors to consider.  These include the complexity of the painting - a m2 of detailed scenery with buildings and people will take much longer to paint than a m2 of sea and sky - and whether the design has to fit around architectural features.

After discussing your exact requirements I will send you a written quote.

Next Steps & Payments

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price is payable on acceptance of my quote. I will then prepare drawings and a colour palette for your approval. Minor revisions can be made at this stage and I won't start work on the project until you are happy with the proposals.

Once work begins I will update you on progress and send you photos of the finished painting.  Minor adjustments only are possible at this stage.

The remaining 50% is then payable before delivery or collection.

hand painted decorative screen by artist Debbie Plaskett
Reflection window painting with still life by artist Deborah Plaskett
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