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When The Rooks Fly Home to Roost

When The Rooks Fly Home to Roost


The rooks heading homewards signal the end of a blustery Autumn day.
It's time to retreat indoors, switch on the lamps and light the fire.


Created with multiple translucent layers, veiled  shapes contrast with the sharp foreground foliage, evoking the melancholy beauty of a late Autumn day as it comes to a close, with a promise of warmth and light and cosy evenings at home.


Painted on a birch ply panel, this painting can be hung unframed or propped on a shelf. 


Acrylic on ply panel

40 x 40 x 0.9 cm


Unframed, supplied with D-rings and cord ready to hang.


It's also available mounted in a white-painted wood floater frame, overall size 44 x 44 x 3.4 cm.


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